Matías Penachino


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01. Cassandro - Amazon Studios
       Feature film
Dir: Roger Ross Williams
Cast: Gael García Bernal

02. Absence - Cineburó
       Short Film
Dir: Arnaldo Iñigo
Cast: Tania Solomonoff


Opus Zero ︎︎︎ Daniel Graham / Piano

Director: Daniel Graham
Prod Co. Piano
Cast: Willem Dafoe + Andres Almeida
Language: English & Spanish
Runtime: 1h 24min
Color / Aspect 3:1
Paul, a composer, arrives in a remote Mexican village where his father has passed away. As his attention shifts to the fate of a missing woman, Paul must come to terms with the memory of his father and the uncertainty of his future.

Germany + México,  2017

Absence ︎︎︎ Arnaldo Iñigo / Cineburó

Director: Arnaldo Iñigo
Prod Co. Cineburó
Cast: Tania Solomonoff
Language: English
Runtime: 12 min.
Color / Aspect 4:3

Absence is inspired on a harrowing fragment of my grandmother’s life, who lost 2 children in separate tragic accidents, The film is an oniric presentation of grief as a process of reflection and acceptance, chronicling the need to reconcile with the purpose of life.

Time Share ︎︎︎ Sebastian Hoffman / Piano

Director: Sebastian Hoffman
Prod Co. Piano
Cast: Miguel Rodarte +Luis Gerardo Mendez
Language: English & Spanish
Runtime: 1h 24min
Color / Aspect 2:40

Two haunted family men join forces in a destructive crusade to rescue their families from a tropical paradise, after becoming convinced that an American timeshare conglomerate has a sinister plan to take their loved ones away.

México, Acapulco,  2018

RPM ︎︎︎ Albert Uria / Infinito Studios

Director: Albert Uria
Prod Co.Infinito Studios
Cast: Natalia Reyes + Eduard Fernandez
Language: English & Spanish
TV show teaser

Color / Aspect 2:40

Barcelona, Spain. 2020

Matías Penachino - Cinematographer