Matías Penachino



Cassandro - Amazon Studios
       Feature film
Dir: Roger Ross Williams
Cast: Gael García Bernal

Opus Zero ︎︎︎
Daniel Graham
/ Piano


An American composer, Paul, goes to a remote Mexican village where his father has died, ostensibly to collect his belongings, but in reality to either find inspiration for a new piece or to confront his own soul. He wanders the village talking to its residents, although he doesn’t speak Spanish. Meanwhile, a group of documentary filmmakers arrive in the village and, in talking with Paul, discover they have accidentally recorded a supernatural event.
Director: Daniel Graham
Prod Co. Piano
Cast: Willem Dafoe + Andres Almeida
Language: English & Spanish
Runtime: 1h 24min
Color / Aspect 3:1
Matías Penachino - Cinematographer